How cost-effective and efficient is your IT-Infrastructure really? In order to answer this questions, IT Managers need reliable information. Cost transparency of all IT-Services is essential for any data center, and a prerequisite for the profitability of the entire company. Knowledge of current costs is the basis for any pricing of IT-Services. These costs must be comprehensible and source-related. Mekyska Management Consultants can help you optimize the determination and analysis of your IT Services.

In times of virtualization, consolidation and cloud computing many users have access to a variety of technical resources. This increases the efficiency of IT-Services. However, one of the disadvantages of this new model is that the previous fixed allocation of IT-Services to the resources is lost. Manual cost allocation is no longer possible. Therefore, new solutions are required.

Departments have to be flexible with their costs and be able to respond to market fluctuations.On-demand billing of IT services is one way of reducing costs and puts the pressure on the IT Organisation to to offer cost-effective solutions. With new internal procedures, public and hybrid cloud models and their on-demand billings, the IT-Organisation responds to these news challenges. But how can you fit these models into an accurate on-demand cost structure? And how can you calculate a price for a IT-Service, if the internal cost allocation does not work?

Mekyska Management Consultants specialises in designing and implementing bespoke IT solutions to tackle these challenges and improve the quality and effectiveness of your established IT Financial Management Systems.