After budgeting and calculating costs (???) actual costs must not be overlooked. We support you in planning your total costs (isn’t this budgeting???) and verifying your target costs against your accumulated costs. This way we ensure that costs and cost calculations based on a transparent assessment are coherent for the customer and economically viable for the supplier.

Frequently, "Cost Accounting" is equated with "Cost Allocation", although they are different fields of activities within IT-Financial Management. With the systematics of the "Cost Allocation", the client is billed with (“charged with” only if it’s a crime) the agreed prices. Correct application of these tools and classifications, creates comprehensive economic transparency throughout the IT-Cost calculation process. This target orientated analysis of the information provided, supplies the most important IT-Controlling Data.

The CODI-IT-Cost Distributor provides an expert system that fits seamlessly into virtually any cost calculation system of IT-Financial Management. When gathering cost accounting information, extensive automation minimises the effort to allocate costs in a fair and cause-related manner the functionality of CODI is designed so stringently that it allows for an optimum use of existing applications such as Systems Management systems for data collection or the controlling functionality of the ERP system..

The user receives a complete overview of the current hardware costs of the processes and applications, including the idle costs. Each step of the the IT Financial Management process becomes coherent and transparent for every person involved

With the application , we offer an expert system that fits seamlessly into virtually any cost calculation system of the IT-Financial Management. With the