Mekyska Management Consultants has been working for over twelve years in the field of IT-Financial Management. We support our clients in developing new concepts with the help of bespoke software. We apply our services with the view to finding the bet solutions for your business.

Our consultants are specialists in two areas: Controlling and Information Technology. Our aim is to optimize IT Financial Management processes and to support existing software systems. The benefit is that potential new investments are reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, IT Organisations gain detailed information about the total cost of their IT Services and their cost structure. This information is the basis for making informed decisions on all levels of the IT Service analysis.

For us Business Intelligence means combining and providing information from the Data Center and the IT-Sectors. It standardizes and automates wherever possible and appropriate. We bring Information Technology and the Business Administration together in order to find result-oriented solutions.

Our clients benefit from solid results and transparent costs at all levels of the IT-Service provision processes. Our services enable them to communicate effectively within and outside the IT-Sector.